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Supply Department
Raw materials section
Phones: +7 (863) 203-71-36, 305-35-24
Packaging materials section
Phones: +7 (863) 305-35-24, 305-35-32

Production Department
Phone: +7 (863) 278-67-87

Logistics Department
Phone: +7 (863) 278-73-02

Information for Suppliers

Empils purchases raw and accessory materials, equipment for production of water based and alkyd coatings. Logistics and engineering services are also essential. The company is ready for collaboration with reliable suppliers from Russia and abroad.

Criteria of Partners’ Selection

Stable quality of products and services corresponding to regulatory documents;

The best price at the market both during product or service supply and over the long term; clear price forming.

Possibility of payment delay.

Products or service supplied in necessary quantity and time, alongside with shipping documentation.

Marking and bar code on the goods package.

Ability to be audited by the customer in accordance with Quality Management System ISO and
All other conditions being equal we prefer to work with long term suppliers, following Quality

Management System ISO 9001 (GOST R ISO 9001).

Production and service necessity

Raw and accessory materials

  • dispersant
  • dispersion
  • bodying agent
  • colophony
  • catalyst
  • acidic component
  • coalescent
  • oil
  • filler
  • defoamer
  • pigment paste
  • dry pigment
  • solvent
  • dryer
  • resin
  • spirit component
  • tin container
  • plastic container
  • cardboard package


  • pumping equipment and spare parts
  • controlling and testing instruments
  • rubber technical goods
  • spare parts for bead mill, turbo mill, reactionary equipment and dissolver (Profarb,Netzsch, Oliver&Battle)
  • ceramic and glass beads
  • spare parts for filling equipment (Dromont, Irkom)
  • ventilation equipment
  • electrics
  • reduction gear
  • polymer staff
  • metal-roll, nonferrous metal, stainless steel
  • metal goods
  • hand and electric tools
  • laboratory equipment and reagents
  • personal protective equipment (gloves, shoes, clothes)
  • bag, CUNO filters


  • truck transportation in Russia and Central Asia
  • railway carriage transportation in Russia and Central Asia
  • container transportation in Russia
  • warehousing equipment (shelve stands, loaders, pallet jack)