We manufacture paints – professional and simple solutions for repair.
We constantly improve products and relations with clients.
Leadership is the result of our development and consumer confidence.

Business Values


Result is the criteria of job evaluation. We are sure there is no impracticable task.


We are the Empils team united by one common goal. Our employees are the best professionals in their fields.


We are convinced that initiative is the way to the future success of the company. Our advantage is the ability to solve the tasks non-typical. We appreciate and support flexibility and creativity.


We are equally responsible for the result both in general and at specific workplace. We take responsibility and always carry out commitments. We aspire to build relationships on trust.


At the end of the 19th century, — century, 1897 Rostov millionaire B.I. Ryss build the plant producing tin and iron. Later this plant was reorganized to AO Zhest.

In 1920 - the plant was nationalized, in 1923 was produced the first zinc oxide in the country. Later on the plant began to produce paints and medicine.

In 1977 - Rostov Chemical Manufacturing Group named after October revolution was established.

In 1991 - CJSC Empils was organized.

In 1998 - the company joined Novoe Sodrugestvo Industrial Union. This union includes companies producing agricultural equipment in Russia and Canada.

Today’s Company

Empils is one of the leaders in sphere of coating production and the largest manufacturer of zinc oxide in Russia.

Empils is the leader in manufacture of water based and alkyd coatings for different types of surfaces, in different prices, for DIY market and Industrial coatings.

The company produces decorative coatings for building and repair in brands NEWTONE, Oreol, Titan, Rastsvet, Dachnaya, Empils, PROFIWOOD, Prostokrasheno and industrial coatings Empils Industrial.

All products are manufactured in accordance with modern technologies, they meet the requirements to quality, functionality, safety and ecology. Empils products are popular among the customers and presented in wholesale and retail chains in Russia, Kazakhstan, Tadzhikistan, Kirghizia, Turkmenistan and Mongolia.

OOO Empils-zinc produces zinc oxide. Zinc oxide is the raw material for different industries: tyre, rubber, ceramic, cable and pharmaceutical production.

Empils-zinc exports to Belarus, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Poland, Finland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Bulgaria. Product quality is confirmed by REACH certificate, which guarantees the correspondence to European ecological standards and allows to import zinc oxide to EU countries.

Empils is the part of Novoe Sodrugestvo Industrial Union.