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18 september 2014

Oreol Discont – 10 Years Coating lifetime

The Moscow State-Financed Institution “Centre Enlakom” made tests of water based matt front paint Oreol Discont in conditions of open atmosphere of temperate climate.

Oreol Discont – 10 Years Coating lifetime

As the result of the test when the coating (water based paint Oreol Discont on concrete surface) had been keeping during 90 cycles of hastened climate, the specialists of “Centre Enlakom” determined that protective and decorative characteristics of the coating were within admissible values. It corresponded to 10 years exploiting in conditions of temperate climate (in case of observing demands of regulatory documents). Moreover the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation issued GOST Russia Certificate of Conformity for front paint Oreol Discont.
Water based front paint Oreol Discont is used for coating of outside surfaces of residential and office constructions. This coating can be used for concrete, brick, wood, plastered and other surfaces exploited under weather impact.
Front paint Oreol Discont is easy to use, it dries fast, doesn’t have specific odour; it forms flat matt transpiring coating.
Products Oreol Discont are positioned in economy class segment and give an opportunity to the customers to purchase modern ecologically friendly water based coatings of well-known brand at acceptable price.